Welcome to Lars' online portfolio.
Shared autonomous shuttle
When exploring an original and relevant contribution to the continuing development of future transportation solutions for my degree project, I was inspired by the unbalanced influence mankind has on our planet earth. Amongst other effects of climate change, sea level is rising and will result in uninhabitable areas by the end of this century. With this design project, I aimed at emitting a positive answer to climate change. In collaboration with an architect I translated my research conclusions into a hypothetical floating village plan. Without mobility solutions, this hypothetical living environment on water would never be able to exist in the future, so I saw the development of the required vessels for mobility and transportation as an equally unique challenge. 

The design process resulted in a shared autonomous shuttle system, which the inhabitants use to effortlessly mobilize themselves within the floating village and fulfill their daily life needs. The seamless integration with the floating architecture and infrastructure make make that the inhabitants do not perceive the water as a barrier. Futuristic methods for manufacturing and propulsion were referred to, in order to challenge the archetype of a current boat. Aesthetic inspiration was found in nature; by analyzing the stance of the water strider insect, a stable looking vehicle was realized which conveys trust towards its users.

Foldaway steering wheel
Modern day technology makes it possible for cars to operate fully autonomous, which makes a steering wheel inside the interior no longer necessary. But are nowadays customers prepared to travel inside a car without a steering wheel? This foldaway steering wheel concept aims to make people familiar to this experience during the adaptation time between now and the steering wheel absent future. 

The design showcases a steer-by-wire solution that folds and hides itself inside the dashboard when not in use; increasing interior space and opening up new experiences for the vehicle’s occupants whilst traveling autonomously. The foldaway structure is inspired by origami principles, enabling fast deployment for quick access in emergency situations. Many paper prototypes have been made in order to reach a minimalist shape transition suitable to the BMW brand language.
Last mile control apparatus
Where in a not so distant future cars will operate autonomous during most of the journey, a steering wheel might not be the ideal product for the rare cases when manual control of the car is needed. By following the ergonomic principles of modern day VR and game controllers, the design of this project aims to provide the same functionality as a traditional steering wheel / pedal setup; yet in a smaller and more accessible package. When not in use, the controller wil rest in the integrated docking solution.
Long distance travel interior